Tree Trimming Types

Reading the title, you will be like – Types of Trimming? Well yes, while you thought that trimming means chopping down the branches coming your way, it isn’t! There are types of tree trimming which keep in mind the needs of the trees. And tree trimming is not done to obstruct the growth of the trees; it’s just done to promote healthy growth in them. So let’s see what the types of tree trimming are:

Tree Chipping

  1. Crown lifting:
    In this procedure, the crown of the tree is lifted off entirely. Crown lifting is mostly done to keep away low branches from obstructing paths. Getting rid of these branches at the lower part requires crown lifting, which is efficiently done by the professional tree service providers. You have to be careful which branches you are trimming so that you don’t end up trimming the major lower branches, which may result in the tree slow decaying.
  2. Deadwooding:
    This basically prevention is better than cure. When your tree is infested with some kind of pests, or developed some disease in certain areas, it is better to get rid of these branches before the entire tree gets affected. Deadwooding clears off all the sick parts of the tree to help the remaining tree thrive, without being infested.
  3. Crown reduction:
    A systematic method used to reduce the height of the tree. Also, in case your tree has spread haphazardly, you can opt for crown reduction to bring it back into shape. Crown reduction also helps to reduce the burden of more massive branches lay on the base of the tree, by aptly finding out and chopping them off in the right manner.
  4. Tree topping:
    This is the most unprofessional and least preferred manner of chopping down the branches of a tree as it only involves chopping every branch that comes in the way. And this goes against the objectives of tree trimming, which is basically to promote the healthy growth of a tree.

Tree trimming is a tree service that is indeed beneficial. It not only helps you get the wavering branches out of the way but also keeps the health and growth of your tree intact. Moreover, the trees blossom after they are trimmed. Trimming ensures the branches of your tree don’t get entangled into overhead cables too. Plus, they also remain in great shape – all these benefits of tree trimming services should make you consider tree trimming at least once a year!

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