Top Landscaping Tools Used For Tree Trimming

There are plenty of tools that can be used for landscaping. But the problem is since there are a lot of tools, it is tough to find the ones that suit you and the plants best. In this article, we will go through some tools that are the best in its class when it comes to tree trimming.

1. Electric Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a must-have when it comes to tree trimming equipment, but there is still a load of options when it comes to the type of chainsaw. Hence, we recommend an electric chainsaw instead of a gas-powered saw since you would not have to calculate the gas-to-oil ration. All you need to do with an electric chainsaw is to plug it in, and you’ll be able to work with it with relative ease.

Chain saw

2. Wood Chipper

After you have trimmed and pruned, you’re left with many branches that need to be put or thrown away. You can always give it to the local crew for they might find some use out of the leftover wood. You’d still have to cut the branches into small bundles. As a solution to this problem, it is essential to purchase a wood chipper. This is especially useful if you have to buy wood-chip mulch since you can make your wood chip mulch using the shipper.

3. Hedge Shears

If you’re a gardener, it is essential to own hedge shears since a sharp-edged shear can help you cut through extremely thick hedges. Make sure to purchase ones that are convenient when it comes to working the bolts. The grip should also be taken note of while getting one since you’ll need all the hold that the tool can offer.

4. Pole Pruner

When pruning trees, you’d often find yourself reaching for branches that are far out of your reach. Hence, a pole pruner is an absolute necessity since it can extend up to heights somewhere between 9 to 14 feet. There are pole pruners that come with a bypass blade as well as pruning saw and getting these would be more useful than a regular pole pruner since branches that are 2 inches thick can be cut using the bypass blade whereas the pruning saw can but limbs that are large.

5. Loppers

Loppers are essential since it is required to cut branches that are two inches thick. There are two types of loppers, namely anvil, and bypass loppers. The former is used to prune live branches whereas the latter is used to cut dead branches.

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